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Tibet Overland Tour
This Fly in/ Fly out tour of the heart of Tibet follows a circular route from Tsetand to


Darjeeling & Sikkim Trek


Sikkim, the land of high Mountains and monasteries. The Land of mysticism evoked partly by grandeur of Kanchenjunga and its natural beauty. Inside the 70 monasteries (approx) of this small country are fascinating murals, images of hundreds of deities from Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. Buddhism is an

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Sikkim Trek


The clouds play a dramatic symphony as the vapour boils up silently out of the deep valleys, taking fantastic shapes - a sight to behold. As you stand in awe, the silence is broken by the sound of bells, signalling a monastery ahead. The smell of burning juniper marks a village and then, gently the swirling

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North Sikkim High Altitude Trek


Sikkim, located in the eastern, Himalaya, sits between Nepal and Bhutan, while to the north lies eastern Tibet . The North Sikkim Trek is a high altitude trek with the trail leading through mostly alpine vegetation consisting of beautiful alpine flowers and plants of medicinal value only the first 2 days of the trek is

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Darjeeling Phalut Sandaphu Trek


It is an easy circular trek starting from Darjeeling and ending at Darjeeling. Before starting the trek you must rise before drawn and watch sunrise on the fist and third highest peak of the world, from Tiger Hill. As the sun swings round the tips of Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga the colours change from yellow

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